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Welcome to Goal Green
June 4, 2007, 5:22 am
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Welcome to Goal Green a new blog space dedicated to informing the public about the state of our environment and the reality of our current options on a local, national, and international level. First I would like to explain the purpose of this blog. As of recent, there has been much talk about the environmental problems that the Earth is facing. Environmental groups are beginning to be taken seriously for the first time. Politicians are no longer discarding the implications of carbon emissions because of the wealthy pollutants that make their careers possible. This is a time in which we are starting to turn our heads forward and look down the avenue of our future.

You may notice that the media has quiet frequently been covering some of the highlights of our fight with climate change—this is a good thing. People in the first-world are being informed about the side-effects of their manufacturing and consumption processes. At this stage in the progression of the human race, we are both rich enough and smart to change this. In this way, we are seeing the media bring about public awareness which in turn is shifting towards a change in policies. However, there are two fundamental problems that are clear to me.

The first is that the media still limits the issues that it covers in the environmental debate. We here much talk about the efforts to shift the automobile industry into a green gear and the implications of America not ratifying the Kyoto Protocol after having signed it, but few of us are aware of the consequences of using tissue paper or eating beef. To make it clear, I am in no way advocating that we stop living on this Earth in order to further its existence; I am simply an advocate of public knowledge on these issues and the steps we can take to create a lasting effect.

The second problem that bothers me is the misunderstanding we have with the alternatives available to us in regard to current, environmentally taxing, “brown” technologies and energy sources. We are happy to welcome fresh ideas from politicians when it comes to alternative energy, but do we really understand if this is the best option available to us? On this site, I will conduct and present extensive research uncovering the pros and cons of different policies and energy options. I will talk about why both President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger have jumped on the hydrogen energy bandwagon and what it means to every American as well as to every citizen of this planet.

In a future of carbon footprint measurements and alternative energy initiatives, my aim is to inform whoever is willing. My vision is a public united on a belief in Earth and humanity living in mutualism, rather than parasitism. I would like to live in an environment that rewards us for respecting it. My goal is to find out how. My goal is Goal Green.